Must-Have Business Travel Gadgets

Charging Case

Battery life is a challenge even for the everyday phone owner, but even more so for the business traveler. As such, having a charging case is a high priority. While there are a number of different portable phone chargers and charging cases, I recommend Mophie, which acts as a cell phone case that powers your device. Some of Mophie’s chargers, like the Juice Pack Air, deliver more than 100% extra battery.

Laptop Charger

Just as important for business travelers, however, is having an extra laptop charger or battery. We’ve all been on a long flight when our laptop dies with hours left in the trip. That’s where a portable laptop charger comes in. A number of portable chargers are available, including ones like the Lizone Extra Pro and Poweradd Pilot Pro2, both of which can charge multiple electronic devices.

Mobile Scanner

What the mobile scanner lacks in desirability it makes up in practicality. Most mobile scanners, like the Epson WorkForce, are no more than a few inches long, allowing you to easily scan important documents on the go, such as business cards and receipts. The scanned documents can then be easily exported to the cloud, sent to your home computer, or uploaded to an expense management tool, like Concur.

USB Ink Pen

The USB ink pen combines what are two of many business travelers’ most practical business supplies: a USB flash drive and ink pen. Additionally, many USB pens boast 3-in-1 functionality, featuring a stylus on the end, in addition to the flash drive and ink pen. These also make great gifts and swag for clients.

Smart Luggage

We’ve all been sitting at the airport waiting for our flight and wishing there was an available plug to charge our electronics (that didn’t require sitting on the floor beside a trash receptacle). This solves that problem. Enter Bluesmart, a line of luggage that actually has built-in USB charging ports for charging several times over. What’s more, the luggage also comes equipped with a built-in scale, lock, and tracking device for your luggage. Best suitcase ever?

Micro Projector

This travel gadget is for the road warrior who lives and dies by conference rooms and PowerPoint presentations. The micro projector is so small, that it could even fit into your pocket, while simultaneously displaying with the size and resolution of a big-screen TV. This gadget ensures you never have to rely on someone else’s tech equipment ever again. Among my favorites is Cube, a two-inch mobile projector that can fit in your hand and boasts features like a 90-minute battery life and 120-inch display that works with phones, laptops, tablets and gaming consoles.

Mobile Hotspot

Finding accessible, reliable Wi-Fi while traveling is easier said than done. A mobile hotspot in many ways solves that problem, relying on cell service data to provide Internet access. Mobile hotspots are offered through most cell service carriers for those who require it consistently. However, there are others that are more of a pay-as-you-go service, such as Karma. For international travelers, XCom features an international rental program with a flat-rate daily fee.


Most people are probably already familiar with Apple Watch, but there are a number of other smartwatches on the markets, especially for those who don’t have an iPhone. For those who like to keep healthy on the road, watches from brands like Fitbit and Garminboast features like heart rate monitoring and exercise trackers, while others have bells and whistles like messaging functionality, calendar integration, and more.


Noise-canceling Earbuds

While noise-canceling headphones have long been a favorite piece of tech gear for travelers, the large around-ear headphones aren’t always practical for business travelers. However, noise-canceling earbuds are becoming more common from leading brands like Bose. Some are even available as wireless Bluetooth headphones.

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